Song Circles

Monthly Song Circle to be held at new location on a first Tuesday evenings starting at 7PM:

   At the Midtown Bar and Grill located at 415 W. Gray St, Houston, TX
   77019.  The room provided is on the second floor.


 Meetings consist of a "song circle", allowing each attendee an opportunity for a musical performance, share a song, tall tale, announcement, or other item which he or she may wish to share with the group.   Non-performers are just as welcome as performers. After all, musicians, singers, storytellers, all need an audience.


The Cotton Patch Rag

A monthly newsletter of the Houston Folklore & Folk Music Society, The Cotton Patch Rag includes a calendar of folk music events in and near Houston, reviews of albums and concerts, articles about folklore, music, musicians, and news of the Society's business. The Houston Folklore & Folk Music Society membership price of $20/year (single membership or $35/year for dual membership, submit two emails) includes a digital copy of The Cotton Patch Rag.  In addition to  The Cotton Patch Rag there is an email distribution of our Second Saturday Concert promos and our Pickin' Party details.

Our EMAIL List

  We have an email distribution list that we use to email information about Second Saturday Concerts and about our monthly pickin' parties.  If you are interested, you can email and ask to be put on the Folklore list.  You will only get 2 emails per month from us and we do NOT share our distribution list.

Pickin' Party/Song Circle



                                  Midtown Bar & Grill UPSTAIRS

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Neely Atkinson
Vice President:
Bob Felder
Paul Cooper
Cotton Patch Rag Editor:
Saena Solus
Concert Producer:
Neely Atkinson
                       Concert Co Producer:  Jim Gill


                              GONE BUT WELL REMEMBERED

                           <<<<<<<PICKIN' PARTY VIDEOS >>>>>>

Cal Perry Remembered Some photos taken at Pickin' Parties attended by Cal Perry.  Audio is that of Cal leading the circle in "I'll Fly Away".

Pickin' Parties [March - June 2012] This video was made with frame captures of a video from Feb 2011, and with photos taken from the CPR. The audio is a recording of Justin's rendition of "Wonderful World" made on Feb 2011.

Here is a link to a slide show of photos from various pickin' parties:
Pickin' In The Past

Pickin Party Jan 2011

Video with Song Circle Audio Feb 7, 2011

 Pickin' Party Years 2002-2006   This video was composed of photos taken
over a range of several years.  Included among these are photos of individuals we have not seen of late because they have moved on to other locations, other interest, and some that are now deceased.

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